8 gifts that every 20-something will appreciate this Christmas

Written by anjo

It’s that time of year! And finding the perfect gift for your loved one doesn’t have to be stressful! It actually can be quite easy and versatile, depending on what your recipient enjoys. After looking at various trends throughout 2017, I think these 8 gifts can be a simple and easy way to make your 20-something loved one smile!

  1. Beauty/skincare gift cards ~ Stores like Lush, Sephora and Ulta are the perfect gift cards to give us ladies! It seems that we’re all starting to realize the changes our body and skin is going through at this age, and it’s important to use high-quality products to see high-quality results. For men, a new razor or beard oil can be the perfect gift for your guy!skincare
  2. Calorie counting watch ~ Let’s face it. If you’re not working out, you’re not doing it right! I’ve always been interested in fitbits and other step counting watches, but I think a watch with calorie counting capabilities is just another level of motivation! You’re able to track and time your workouts, which is something that I’ve struggled with when trying to calculate my food for the day.
  3. Workout gear/socks ~ Along with my fitness journey, I need the appropriate clothes to wear during my heavy cardio workouts or weight training. Workout gear is not cheap, along with proper sweat-reducing socks that are meant for athletes. It’s the perfect gift for an athlete looking to train hard without worrying that their leggings are see-through. One of the best brands is Nike, with high-quality materials that last a really long time! Want to make it even more special? Look at your favorite NFL team’s page to find workout gear that roots for the best team in the NFL, THE PACKERS!
  4. Travel gifts ~ Of course, traveling has become more and more popular amongst millennials, and that’s a good thing! Travel enriches your life and helps you discover how large the world truly is. There are some amazing and cheap gifts you can give your traveling friend, check them out here!
  5. Essential oil diffuser ~ Since we have been beginning to experience adulting in full force, something to calm our nerves, reduce our stress and uplift our spirits is essential…literally. These oil diffusers can come in all shapes and sizes and can add a relaxing ambiance to any room. Does your recipient already have a diffuser? Get them oils for it – they can get pretty pricey!
  6. A planner ~ I bought one of these puppies for my super-disorganized friend (hehe) and she was carrying it all over the place and using it daily! I live by my paper planner and am such a list maker! I love getting a beautiful planner and getting my life together!
  7. A monthly box subscription! With all the amazing subscriptions now available, you can just Google your friend’s interest + subscription box, and you’ll find a plethora of options! One of my favorite subscriptions is Facetory, which gives you a month’s worth of face masks. I had to end my subscription due to my travels, but have been meaning to renew my membership *hint hint*facetory
  8. A spa day ~ Who doesn’t love a spa day? Put together a few gift certificates to your favorite spa/salon and set up your friend, lover, cousin, niece for a wonderful day. This can be the perfect gift for anyone at any age. This can be paired with any natural product as well. And as a matter of fact, I personally make, sell and deliver my very own organic natural beauty products. Bring some fresh scents to your home with my vegan soy wax candles. Keep your lips moisturized and glossy with my organic beeswax lip balms. OR, remove dead skin and refresh your body with some of my organic coconut oil salt and sugar scrubs, all in holiday-themed scents. Email notesfromabanjo@gmail.com for more information on prices, bundles and delivery options!

natural products

With all the stresses around the holidays, it’s important to think of gifts that are simple, yet meaningful. Good luck to all on their holiday shopping sprees!