Gift ideas for your friend who is always traveling

Written by anjo

It seems that traveling is becoming more and more popular amongst my generation and I am beaming with joy! I am 100% in support of people going to somewhere new and discovering what other places there are beside the United States and Cancun… And since all of these wonderful people are packing their bags and sailing off, don’t you want to get them a little farewell goodbye gift? Here are some amazing present ideas for your traveling friend. (Feel free to DM me for my address):

  • Checklist/Notebook: Whether you are a list maker, a writer or just flat out disorganized, having a notebook to jot down your thoughts is essential when you are traveling. One of my best friends got me an empty notebook for my first travel abroad and I just about wrote in it every day. After I began working online and blogging more, I began using it for jotting down ideas and collecting various tickets/entries of the places I have been. This trip, my little brother bought me a brand new plain notebook for Christmas, and I use it for planning my next adventures, my online job, updating my goals and list making!
  • Travel coloring book: One of my other besties bought me this book before I left and I have never been more addicted! This adult-travel coloring book allows me to doodle and color while I am sitting at home bored, waiting in an airport or sitting on a bus…such a great idea!
  • Something to mark off where you’ve been: Whether it be a book or something you hang on your wall, marking off the cities you have been is a creative way to keep track! I am still waiting for this gift…
  • Travel charger: You would not believe how useful this puppy is when on the road. When One Direction gave us free portable chargers, I was amped until it stopped functioning. Staying charged is essential for being able to take pics, make calls, write blogs, etc.
  • Vacuum packers: This super affordable gift is great if you’re trying to fit a lot in one suitcase. Simply fill this bag with tons of clothes and suck all the air out!
  • Luggage locks/tags: Luggage locks are very essential & if you don’t have easy to recognize luggage like myself, you could buy your friend some cute luggage tags as a going away gift!
  • Travel pillow: I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve fallen asleep on a bus, train or plane and woke up with my neck strained from my heavy head slumped over. Travel pillows are important for travel and can be found for very cheap!
  • Travel jewelry: Something that is cute and will remind your friend of your thoughtfulness and the places that they’ve been. Travel jewelry is an absolute must!
  • Passport holder: Help your loved one protect their most prized possession. There are so many available in so many places, and super affordable/practical!
  • Sleep mask/ear plug combo: Your friend/family member will thank you later. These two items are absolutely essential for sleeping in these crazy hostels, buses, airplanes!

Literally, any and all of these gifts can be found on Amazon. I am confident that any of these gifts will be greatly appreciated by your fellow wanderluster and again, feel free to send some my way!