Indulge in all things avocado

Written by anjo

There’s nothing better than experiencing pure euphoria after cutting open an avocado and it’s perfectly green and bruise-less. While nothing screams basic like guacamole and margs, you’d be surprised with the many things you can do with this fruit. From stuffing your face to moisturizing, the avocado stands alone as being one of the best externally and internally used foods of today.


~Stay basic. Make it into a killer guacamole for your friends to inhale in one sitting.

~Turn it sweet. Use the avocado to make a delectable smoothie. Personally, this is an odd one for me, but it was worth a try!

~Spread it on bread. Toast some bread, spread some mashed avocado, top it with a fried egg and you have yourself a healthy and energy packed breakfast!

~Soften your hair. Mash together avocado, coconut oil, and honey for a 40-minute hair soak to moisturize and give your hair a soft, voluptuous glow. 

~Eat it raw. While in Brazil, I learned that they eat avocado raw, topped with sugar. An interesting (but I can’t stomach it, sorry) snack. Thanks weird people of the world!

~Brighten your face. Coconut oil, avocado, nutmeg. This exfoliating mask will nurture and protect your skin from age damage.

~Create something new. Mix mashed avocado with sour cream or mayo, and you got yourself an amazing new sauce for dipping, dunking or spreading.

~Add to everything. I love avs, and I definitely love adding them to everything I eat. Sliced for sandwiches, wraps, pizza, eggs, tacos. Smashed for sandwiches, wraps, pizza, eggs, tacos. There’s truly nothing you cannot add avocado too.

Enjoy the avs, the good kind of fat!



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  1. Madre says:

    Make me some guac!