Milwaukee Summer ~ Beer Run

Written by anjo

Milwaukee Summer posts will provide you with ideas to fill your summer nights, free events in and around the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and my personal opinion/review of these activities…enjoy!

Living in a family where beer is an essential food group, it’s no surprise that my parents made me aware of the annual Beer Run, located in Milwaukee’s Riverwest. If any of you have driven down to the Eastside, you know the area I’m talking about. To be more specific, the actual start and finish lines can be found on Locust Street, which is basically the hipster area of Milwaukee with about three crappy bars and many boarded up houses.

So of course, this area would be the perfect place for a two-mile fun run accompanied with free beer. You’d think many people would be lining up for this run, but to my surprise, when I hyped it up to everyone I knew, they really didn’t seem interested. WHY? This run is probably the most underrated thing since salami bruschetta from the Transfer. But whatever, more free beer for me.

Along with my friends failing to appreciate the fun encompassing Beer Run, almost all of them replied with some ridiculous questions/statements that I need to share with the world:

  1. How long is the run? I am not fast and I don’t think I can run that long. First off, it’s almost two miles – that ain’t sh*t. Second, it is called a ‘fun run’, which means you don’t have to run if you don’t want to. You can literally walk and drink free beer, like many people do. I enjoy running, so I choose to do so (and my dad claims he can out-run me, so obviously I cannot let that geezer win). This year, I will probably be mostly walking, because I am injured, so please join me and my gimpy-ness.
  2. I’m broke and it costs money. Ok, fine…I hear everyone I know saying this phrase. But you don’t have to pay – you can show up and no one will notice because there are thousands of people at the event.
  3. What time is it at? It’s too early. It’s at 11:30 am which is NOT early. Your typical races start at 7 or 8 am. This walk/run is essentially the start of a Sunday Funday!
  4. I can’t run and drink beer, I will throw up. Again, you don’t have to run. If you are smart and want to get the most out of the free, you run because you’ll get drunker quicker.

The race consists of 4 check points (which are lines of pong tables topped with cups of beer crafted in Milwaukee), each of which you stop at and drink – actually, chug. *Added bonus – you are running/walking through a residential area, so many people hand you red cups along the way (3 race cups = 1 red cup, do the math).

After the race and feeling relatively tipsy, the Locust Street Festival begins! You can visit shops with handmade jewelry and clothing, eat dank delights from local vendors (I personally suggest the avocado salad**), sign a petition to legalize marijuana, even join a rooftop dance party, and drink more!

It is a very enjoyable day, so I will continue to encourage everyone to come! I hope I answered all of your questions and concerns. If you do not participate this weekend because of a horribly constructed excuse, we aren’t friends. On Sunday, June 12, you will find my family participating in this year’s Beer Run, and I invite everyone to join! For more information on Locust St. Fest and this fun run, visit the official website here.

I am extremely upset I cannot attend this year because I am going on an impromptu vacation to Arizona and bae>beer. Please go for me and have a wonderful time, you won’t regret it!

Don’t forget, Jazz in the Park begins in June, learn more about the event here!


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