Milwaukee Summer ~ Pridefest

Written by anjo

Milwaukee Summer posts will provide you with ideas to fill your summer nights, free events in and around the city of Milwaukee, and my personal opinion/review of these activities…enjoy!

Have you ever wanted to dress up in a ridiculously flamboyant outfit and frolic around Summerfest grounds? Well, maybe you can do that come Summerfest, but I’m sure there will be a bunch of judgmental b*tches there giving you dirty looks. Luckily, you can skip the b*tches, cake on the makeup, dump glitter on your head, wear every color of the rainbow and head down to Pridefest!!!


I am so excited because this year I am going to the kickoff of Pridefest, tomorrow, June 5! As everyone and their mother knows, Wisconsin banned the ban of same-sex marriage the day before Pridefest last year – energizing the crowds and allowing people to finally be accepted for who they are and who they love.

Unfortunately, I had to attend Pride on a Sunday evening, but it was immediately after the Beer Run, so I was raring to rage. Luckily for me and my posse, the energy was high this Sunday afternoon. After having multiple Redds in a parked car and the time of my life, I have made a short list of reasons you should attend Pridefest this year.

  1. Join the rest of people in Milwaukee who truly enjoy the phrase: Dance like no one is watching. They LITCHERALLY play the best music, so you cannot not dance. So much better than any of the Milwaukee “clubs”.
  2. The pure entertainment you get to witness throughout the night is unbeatable. The naked people everywhere, the outrageous outfits, I guarantee you will be smiling and/or laughing the entire time.
  3. For those of you who like to grope your friends, (cough NT cough), this is a perfect place to do so without anyone’s unwanted judgement.
  4. Everyone is enjoying themselves and having a gay time…literally.
  5. Pridefest gives you a little preview of Summerfest, with the overpriced alcohol and mozzarella sticks, which pumps you up for the 11 days of music and raging. Not sure who to see at this year’s Summerfest? I am here to help!


I strongly believe that everyone should try Pridefest at least one time before making any indecorous decisions. It brings many people together to celebrate who they are and is a night filled with dancing, drinking, laughing and fun!

No matter the sexual preference, I guarantee you will have a good time at this festival. Don’t miss out – Visit the Pridefest website for more information and tickets.

See you there 🙂