JOTD ~ J A M Z of the D A Y III

Written by anjo

Bom dia meus amores – Hope your week is going a lot better than mine. I get to sit through a telephone conferenced three-hour training for four days, so it won’t be that hard to beat me. I’ve been listening to a lot of new, old and different music these past few weeks and thought today would be the perfect day to send some jams your way…so enjoy! For those that do not know, Jams of the Day is a series of blogs I will post that include some new/old music I have been listening to this week, as well as a link to either a video or download.

Disclaimer: My taste is music is extremely random. I like artists in all genres, from Atmosphere to One Direction to The Maine to Katy Perry to Goo Goo Dolls to Lecrae to Owl City to Black Eyed Peas to randos like Dashboard Confessional and even sh*tty rappers like Weezy and Nicki Minaj. My melodious palette has no limits! Keep tuning in even if songs are different from your tastes.

~ *J A M Z of the D A Y *~

  • Talking Body by Tove Lo | Music Video | Download | Tove Lo does it again, making another super catchy song.


  • My House by Flo Rida | Audio
  • El Taxi by Osmani Garcia Feat. Pitbull and Sensato | Music Video | Download | Ok, this is my favorite Zumba song, but you cannot not dance to this jam – all in Spanish.
  • Pose To Be by Omarion Feat. Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko | Audio


  • Ciudad Mágica by Tan Biónica | Music Video | This song is a little older, but catchy nonetheless – all in Spanish
  • Carro de Churros by Cacio & Marcos | Music Video | This is all in Portuguese, but the music video is hilarious!!! Please watch it and laugh a lot. Even if you don’t know the words, you can figure out that it’s not about churros. kkkkkkkk
  • Miles Away by The Maine | Lyric Video | You should definitely pre-order their new album #AmericanCandy and see them live while they are on tour! They are one of the best bands I have ever seen live. More info is here. Also, if you are in the Milwaukee area, see them April 22 at the Rave.
  • Trampoline by Kalin and Myles | Music Video | Pretty sure these guys are Vine famous, but this song is a jam.


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