Dank Delights | Part I

Written by anjo

So… I love food. And people who love food like to talk about food and write about food and make a bunch of food all of the time.

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For those of you who don’t know, dank delights are any food that is top-notch, delicious, impeccable, or you can chow it down in ten seconds because it is that tasty. We all know there are many yummy foods in Wisconsin, but only delectable choices make the cut… so keep that in mind. Normally, I would keep these foods top-secret for selfish reasons, but since I recently decided to make my thoughts more public via blogging, I guess I can share with you.

Benvenuti in Italia, with an American twist! You may have seen bruschetta as an appetizer on every Italian restaurant’s menu in America. What you probably thought of was, “Bruschetta is bruschetta, it can’t get much better than that” OHMYGOD were you wrong…it totally can. I am going to share with you my exclusive Anjo recipe as well as where you can get this dank delight in Milwaukee if you are not the best chef.

Salami Bruschetta is an absolute Milwaukee delicacy at the Transfer, a pizzeria in Bay View, just south of downtown. It is where my love for this specific bruschetta began and it is where I had the inspiration to make it taste even better! My family hits up Transfer about once every few months, and we always indulge on this appetizer. More recently, my mother and I decided it would be smart to figure out how to make this delight so we could eat it whenever we wanted. After much tinkering, we have finally found a recipe that works wonders for your mouth and soul.


**Please note that a lot of my recipes do not have precise measurements because I wing it.


  • A loaf of thinly sliced French bread
  • Olive oil
  • Mayo
  • Minced garlic
  • A pound or half-pound of thinly sliced Genoa salami
  • Chopped up Roma tomatoes
  • Balsamic vinaigrette dressing
  • Basil leaves
  • Asiago cheese


Directions: Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees. While that is firing up, get your bruschetta and mayo mixture ready for application. Take about 3 big scoops of mayo into a bowl, and mix in a small handful of minced garlic. In a separate bowl, mix your Roma tomatoes, some more minced garlic, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing (Make sure you are adding these ingredients proportionately – you don’t want too much garlic and you don’t want the tomatoes dripping in dressing). Once you have those mixtures put together, refrigerate them while you work on the bread.

Take the bread slices and a food painting brush or paper towel and carefully wipe or dab a small amount olive oil onto one side of the bread. Place all bread (oil facing up) onto a cookie sheet or pan and keep them in the oven long enough to brown the tops of the bread. After the bread is browned, let the slices cool and start slicing your basil, Asiago and salami.

The basil and cheese should be sliced into very thin strips, which allow the act of sprinkling. Take the slices of salami and cut them into fours. You should now have everything you need to start assembling this dank delight.

Assembly: Take one piece of French bread at a time and spread a very thin layer of the mayo-garlic concoction that is sitting in your fridge. Place 1-2 pieces of the salami on each of the mayo-covered pieces. Then, start putting small scoops of the tomato-garlic-dressing mixture on each piece. Your final steps will be to sprinkle on the strips of basil and Asiago cheese…. and waala, you have your dank delight ready to serve.


Have you ever been to the Transfer and tried this appetizer?  It is a must next time you visit! If you try to re-create this dank delight, tell me about your experience! Or, you can always bring the ingredients to my apartment and I will help you create and eat this delight. Enjoy.

~ A very bloated anjo