How to ~ homemade chapstick

Written by anjo

Have you ever experienced true anguish when searching through your pockets, purse and backpack? It’s negative twenty degrees outside (Yes, it really gets that cold in Wisconsin), your lips are looking like apple pie crust, and you are in dire need for some chap stick. You remember carefully securing your lip balm in one of the three locations, but now it’s long gone. By the way, you just went to Target last week, and spent ten dollars on a brand new set of chap sticks. Then, about a month later, you find about twelve underneath your bed -_-

For me this cycle and torment continued, until the day when a lightbulb flared up in my head – I can make this!!!!!!!!!!

After going on my DIY candle-making spree, I decided to sit down and think about what I could also make with organic beeswax. Soaps are a lot of work, but lip balm can be made with three simple and all-natural ingredients, half of which I already had in my cupboard! I am very reluctant to share with you my how to’s, because when trying to order more beeswax last night, it was all sold out! So, hooray that people are using this great website, and boo to those buying all of the products I need!

What you will need: In order to concoct the best lip balms possible, make sure you have everything you need before you begin:


  • A double boiler is essential. I fortunately got a candle making kit as a gift, which came with one of these puppies. This pour pitcher is where you will melt and mix everything for your lip balm. That, paired with a regular pot (one you would use to boil noodles, rice, etc.), will be the perfect combo for all of your melting needs.
  • A large spoon or something to mix all your ingredients with.
  • Vitamin E oil which can be found at Target/Walmart/Walgreens
  • Organic honey, which can be found at Woodmans/Whole Foods
  • 100% all-natural beeswax. This and the items below can all be found in bulk here.
  • Essential oils are optional (in different scents – I used Eucalyptus).
  • Organic coconut oil.
  • Empty lip balm containers.
  • A few pipette droppers.

What you will need to do:

For each scoop of beeswax, you want to add two scoops of coconut oil, and one-fourth of a scoop of organic honey So for example, you would fill your double boiler with one cup of beeswax, two cups of coconut oil, and ¼ cup of organic honey (that will make like 50 chap sticks tho). I started off with a tablespoon of wax, and two tablespoons of oil to see how many lip balms I could make.


Fill your pot with water and bring to a boil. Place your wax, oil and honey into your double boiler and set that in the pot to begin melting. Stir occasionally until everything is melted fully. Add your Vitamin E oil to the mixture (I winged the measurement – you can never have too much Vitamin E oil). Take the boiler out of the water and stir in your optional essential oils (For every cup of wax, you want about three full pipette droppers of essential oils.


Now the tricky part: You need to use another pipette dropper to suck in your chap stick mixture and squeeze out into your empty lip balm containers. This must be done at a fast pace because the concoction dries very quickly, both in the dropper and in your boiler. If you are working alone, you may have to re-melt the wax in order to use everything in your boiler. Once you squeeze all of the liquid into containers, let your chap sticks cool off and voilà!!!!!… you have yourself some homemade chap stick!


It’s a very simply process, an easy gift, and great for handing out to random people when you are feeling nice. Now I have enough chapsticks to cover the floor underneath of my bed, put one in every pocket of every hoodie and jacket, and fill the bottom of my purse! It’s a great feeling, and I hope you can feel it too.


As always, let me know if you have additional questions, and happy melting!





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