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If you are a sucker like me, and most of you are, you have indisputably purchased numerous amounts of jar candles from Yankee, Bath and Body, etc. for an outlandish price of $15+ each. Who doesn’t want to fill their house with enriching aromas that can make you feel certain feels and freshen up a room for any occasion? This is why I am a sucker. It’s ludicrous that companies with such uplifting and honest scents can make us pay nearly quadruple the price it costs to make. Another negative to these expensive candles is that the ingredients are not pure nor honest, they are filled with additives that can be detrimental to your health.

One of the major ingredients found in most conventional candles is Paraffin, which is a waste product from the petroleum industry. Not really sure why these candle making companies choose to use waste in their products, but I’m guessing money has something to do with it. Paraffin actually releases carcinogenic chemicals when burned (comparable to diesel engine exhaust), and when inhaled, can be as dangerous as second-hand cigarette smoke. These candles’ wicks can also be made from lead bases, and from what most of us know, lead is not something we should be consuming. I also learned that candle companies are not legally required to share their ingredients with consumers, so they can say whatever the h*ll they want and basically get away with it, your money included.


I’m sorry if those facts made you death-stare the Eucalyptus candle on your nightstand. Of course I am here to rescue you, with links, instructions, ideas, and pictures, just in time for the holidays! I believe that making your own organic candles are beneficial for many reasons, and I have been practicing various recipes that will make you feel good about burning wax in your home! It also makes for an easy Christmas gift that you can give to friends, family and coworkers** I am giving my anjo-stamped guarantee that these candles are made from all-natural, organic materials, essential oils and love, so you can rest easy and breathe clearly. If you are too lazy to make these yourself and read the rest of my post, I am selling these for $10 apiece, each with a little Christmas flare (photo at the bottom of this post).

What you will need: In order to concoct the best candles possible, make sure you have everything you need before you begin:


  • A double boiler is essential. I fortunately got a candle making kit as a gift, which came with one of these puppies. This pour pitcher is where you will melt and mix everything for your candles. That, paired with a regular pot (one you would use to boil noodles, rice, etc.), will be the perfect combo for melting the perfect candles.
  • Wine
  • A large spoon or something to mix all your ingredients with.
  • Organic palm oil, which can be found at Target/Walmart or ordered on Amazon.
  • 100% all-natural beeswax. This and the items below can all be found in bulk here.
  • Essential oils (in different scents – I used Oil of Olay and Eucalyptus).
  • A little organic coconut oil if you’re feeling oochy.
  • Mason jars or empty candle holders.
  • Naturally pre-waxed candle wicks.
  • A few pipette droppers.

What you will need to do:
Prepare your candle jars and wicks before you begin melting anything. The wax dries fairly quickly and you don’t want it to dry before you add a wick. Place the wick in whichever jar you choose and grab some pencils to hold it in place. You may want to bend the wick over the pencils so it stays straight. I also used a little bit of tape to keep the pencils from separating. After you perfectly place your wicks in their jar, chug a glass of wine.


Fill your pot with about 1/3 of water, bring to a boil.

You want to add the same amount of beeswax as you add palm oil. I couldn’t find a one-cup measuring cup in my apartment when I began, so I used a 2/3 cup to measure out the wax and oil. I simply dumped the beeswax and palm oil into my pour pitcher and watched it slowly melt, stirring occasionally to break up all of my wax.

IMG_6229      IMG_6230

If you are feeling oochy, like I was, add some coconut oil to the pour pitcher for extra benefits. After all this mixing, you are definitely going to want to make some more goodies, so begin baking corn bread muffins. Chug another glass of wine after you pop those in the oven.


Once your wax and oils are melted, take your pitcher out of the boiling water and choose one of your essential scented oils. Add (around 2x the amount of beeswax scoops) full pipettes of the essential oil to your mixture. Stir.

IMG_6233      IMG_6246

Once everything is stirred and smelling good, pour your wax into your jars (you may need to adjust the wick once the wax has settled), and let dry.

IMG_6242      IMG_6249

Simple as that. For my specific example, I used about 4x 2/3 cup scoops of beeswax, and estimated the amount of palm oil to even out the amounts. I put about 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, and about 8 pipettes of essential oils. This made about 6, fairly large candles.

Added effect: Since it is Christmas time, adding some “holiday” effects to these final pieces of art can make for a great stocking stuffer or gift. Below is my finished/Christmas product (I also used green ribbon):


If you have difficulties or more questions, please feel free to comment below or message me on my Twitter @anjoobanjo / Instagram @anjoobanjo8.

Also, if you are looking for an even easier way to make candles, visit DIY Supply for a simple and affordable candle making kit! You can also check out many of their other genius kits to create various gifts for any occasion!

Happy melting!



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