Let Us Give Thanks…

Written by anjo

I know. How can we be thankful for anything when it just snowed three inches before Thanksgiving. My advice to all of you complainers is: deal with it or make a change. In my wonderful world, here is what I believe you should give thanks for this holiday season:


  • Be thankful for the fact that you have copious amounts of food to eat on Thanksgiving and the rest of November because…leftovers are a beautiful thing.
  • Give thanks that even though you are twenty-two and refuse to live at home, your parents still invite you to this annual free dinner.
  • Be thankful that you have friends to make fun of and spend quality time with. Who else are you supposed to take shots with this Wednesday night?
  • Give thanks if you have any sort of job. It’s a tough market out there for many people, and if you’re making money, you should be thankful.
  • Be thankful for your significant other…they most likely put up with a lot of your bull sh*t.
  • Give thanks to your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, for helping shape who you are today, and be thankful of who you are today.
  • Be thankful that you are living and breathing on this beautiful sphere we call Earth.
  • Give thanks that your current monetary situation has given you the opportunity to move to South America next year.
  • Be thankful your parents don’t force you to wear anything in particular to the Thanksgiving meal, so your very stretchable Victoria Secret jumpsuit will be the perfect outfit for your overstuffed stomach.
  • Give thanks that One Direction is a band, and that their voices feed your soul.
  • Be thankful you have social media as a way to connect with others, and turn it off this holiday. Spoiler alert: Half of the posts will be people’s Thanksgiving plate, and the other half will be people’s opinions regarding the Michael Brown case.
  • Give thanks that you have the ability to eat yourself to sleep, and that you can deflate your food baby after the weekend concludes via cardio.
  • Be thankful that although time is running out, you got to enjoy two months with one of the nicest people on this Earth.
  • Give thanks you haven’t cracked your head open this year (knock on wood)!!!! Your face has surely taken a beating.
  • Be thankful that you are able to make your own life choices, whether it be with school, a job or your future. The only person who can make a desired change, is you.
  • Give thanks for all of those you have met in your past. Acquaintances, friends, loved ones, family. All of those different people helped you learn and grow as a person.

And most importantly, be thankful you got the life you did! There are many people in way worse situations than us, and we must appreciate the smaller things in life. So put those cell phones down, raise your glasses up, and make memories with those you love this Thanksgiving.

Happy birthday shout out to my eldest brother Billz, turning 24 today, and very blessed Oochama Day Eve to all!

~a very bloated anjo