Written by anjo

I have recently switched up my lifestyle to include a lot more water / vegetables and a lot less alcohol / cheese curds. And although I still definitely dabble in the bar life, I have decided to find healthier options when it comes to consuming alcohol. I was first introduced to vodka waters when I was in college, and I thought my girlfriends were complete and utter alchy’s because of their drink choices. Little did I know that in the near future, I would be vodka water campaigning to any and every one. There are many reasons why this is my ultimate drink of choice, and I feel as though it is my duty to share with you the benefits of VW in hopes that you will join the club.

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  • Taste ~ If made correctly, and by correctly I mean made by yours truly, it is a delicious drink! You can even use a horrible tasting alcohol like Burnet’s Citrus or Fleischman’s, and won’t throw up in your mouth! If that is not enough reasoning to make the switch, keep reading…
  • Hydrate ~ We all know that consuming alcohol causes dehydration. But with VW, the chaser is water, so you are essentially hydrating/dehydrating yourself at the same time, leaving your body at a blissful equilibrium of tipsy! This was very beneficial when visiting Las Vegas this summer – the baes and I probably would have been on a much different level if we didn’t choose this day drinking beverage… #amiright? #vodkawater
  • Health ~ Besides the hydration benefits, this alcoholic option is a lot healthier than the sugary, caffeine-packed drinks that you can choose to consume. VW is a fresher version of vodka lemonade, but won’t give you atrocious gut rot or that inevitable sugar crash at 11 pm. Although the healthiest choice would be just regular lemon water, we all know that’s probably not going to happen. And if you are the occasional psychotic calorie counter like myself and Ping, you will appreciate this low-cal option.

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  • Hangover ~ What truly makes this drink a game changer is the fact that you do not get hung over from it! Now, don’t go drinking six massive vodka waters and b*tch to me that you got hung over. Alcohol should always be consumed in moderation, but when you go out and have a few VWs, you can enjoy your night AND wake up the next morning ready to run 5 miles! (or maybe a mild bike ride)
  • Price ~ Fresh lemons are about $3… a 1.75 of Burnet’s Citrus costs around $13…you can usually assume that wherever you go, they got the water, so ultimately, you spend very little for what can last you a very long time! It’s perfect for cheapos like myself and all of my friends.

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For me specifically, I believe that choosing this beverage over others has made my experience drinking a lot better. It causes me to taper off early on in the night so I’m not throwing up in a yard on Oakland, and it makes me feel better knowing I’m not having a 500+ calorie night – giving me the confidence to walk right into Ian’s Pizza with no hesitation. If you can get over the weird looks bartenders give you when you order a VW, you should definitely join my vodka water club, and have me over so I can be a part of your first experience!

Have you ever tried vodka waters? But, have you ever tried one of my vodka waters? What was your experience?